Doug Beecroft Photography | Wildlife
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Elk, Rocky Mountain National ParkElk and calf, Rocky Mountain National ParkStriated caracara, Albatross Bay, New IslandBennett's wallaby, Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National ParkBennett's wallaby, Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National ParkLeopard seal, Cierva CovePronghorn, Bryce Canyon National ParkYellow-Eyed Penguin, Otago PeninsulaKeas on the summit of Avalanche Peak, Arthur's Pass National ParkCarnivorous Snail (Powelliphanta), Heaphy TrackPied shag, Crayfish Point, Heaphy TrackPart of the king penguin colony at St. Andrew's BayKing penguin, St. Andrew's BayMolting king penguin, Gold HarbourMolting king penguin chick, Fortuna BayMule deer, Lawn Lake, Rocky Mountain National ParkMule deer, Sierra High RouteBlack-tailed deer, Jedway, Moresby Island, Gwaii Haanas National ParkArctic hare, Quttinirpaaq National ParkBlack-browed albatross, Steeple Jason