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The upper Brazeau River below Cataract PassHoary marmotHoary marmotThe lake just west of Cataract PassThe lake just west of Cataract PassCataract Pass and the headwaters of Cataract CreekThe headwaters of Cataract Creek below Cataract PassAn unnamed mountain southeast of Cataract PassLooking down Cataract CreekLooking up Cataract Creek with Cataract Pass on the leftA meadow beside Cataract CreekA meadow beside Cataract CreekLooking up Cataract CreekThe mountain southeast of Pinto Lake from the upper Cline RiverLooking southeast from Pinto LakeLooking southeast from Pinto LakeLooking down the Cline River from Pinto Lake's outletPinto Lake from above Sunset PassPinto Lake from above Sunset PassMount Amery from the meadows below Sunset Pass