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The mountains on the north side of the Rio Urubamba shortly after the start of the Inca TrailNevado Verónica from the Inca Trail above MiskayPatallacta from HuillcaraccayPatallacta from HuillcaraccayBromeliads on the slopes near TarayoqPeriwinkleFuschiaFuschiaSlipper flower (Calceolaria sp.)Veitch's masdevallia (Masdevallia veitchiana)Jungle vegetation on the climb to Warmihuañusca PassMountain views on the climb to Warmihuañusca PassThe view on the descent to PacaymayuDancing lady orchid (Oncidium sp.)View from RunkuraqayView from RunkuraqaySayacmarcaSayacmarcaConchamarca from SayacmarcaConchamarca from Sayacmarca