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Autumn reflections on the Oxtongue River rapidsBridge Mountain, Zion National ParkEarly morning light on the mountains near Rubrang, Lamayuru to Tso Moriri TrekLower Antelope CanyonSunrise from the first overlook east of Shoshone Point, South RimIceberg reflection, Cierva CoveQuartziteMuskox skull, Head HillPatterns in the IceThe volcanic dike south of ShiprockIceberg detail, Neko HarbourReflections on Kirk CreekThe slopes of the Rupshu Range from the ridge above Korzok, Lamayuru to Tso Moriri TrekPainted SandsSunset, Maria Island National ParkThe Glacier de CorbassièreCheckerboard Mesa, Zion National ParkEucalyptus bark, Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National ParkAutumn reflections on the Oxtongue River rapidsLower Antelope Canyon